Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can buy you beer now...

To all those who are not aware, I am now able to purchase you some beer or other alcoholic beverages! I will not do so...but I COULD if I so pleased. Just for all of you to know.

Alright, so after the week started with a Bang of Poop Water and Froomie reunions, it only continued to get better....Tuesday, we all returned to the Southern Utah University to engage in our educational endeavors. Tuesday evening was filled by a most exciting ASL (American Sign Language for all you non-signers) exam which Lauren, Jessica and I all aced. Some more acing and others. Nonetheless, we all did rather well. Then we played some ASL games in class where Lauren and Jessica were on Team 4 and I was on Team 1 (the winning team). The only REAL reason we won was because someone from Team 1, (some silly named Lauren Johnson) cheated. Yes, folks. C.H.E.A.T.E.D. But, the atonement is for everyone, as Brother Mark Johnson has so kindly taught us. Anyways, getting back to the evening...After ASL, Lauren and Jessica mysteriously disappeared to run an "errand". While Lessica (Lauren and Jessica) did their secret deeds, Gabby and Abish met me at Taco Tuesdays....a genius invention of the Del Taco Corporation to feed college students for very little currency. We sat, we ate, we were so rudely interrupted by some goons knocking on the window of the Del Taco was Lessica! Lessica joined us! So, we enjoyed our tacos and conversation as a little family! after tacos, it was some light baking and off to bed to rest ourselves for what was sure to be the most exciting Wednesday the world has ever seen!

So the children of Apartment 14 were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of birthday parties danced in our heads...

Then, the blessed day arrived!!!

Around 5:30am, my tired eyes opened to a noise coming from just outside my bedroom....A crinkling noise followed by the distinct sound of scotch roommates love me enough to tape me into my room with streamers on my 21st birthday. I returned to my slumber and woke a couple of hours later ready for the day!I woke with what seemed to be a renewed view of life! I was 21...I could buy booze...i wouldn't, but i could. Life was good. Downstairs, the house was covered with balloons and the cookies we had baked for our institute class waited for me on the counter. I grabbed the cookies and I was off to see my Birthday Buddy Gabby and to bask in the glow of the Gospel of institute....As a i reached my car, I noticed the writing. I have a fairly large car. It is a Saturn Vue, a mid size SUV type thing which has rather large windows. on each window there was something different written in a sunny yellow window marker...messages included "21!", Hot! Stars and hearts and even, in huge writing on the back, "Honk! It's My 21st B-Day!"...This was going to make for an interesting ride to school...
Having received many Birthday Honks from the kind folks of Cedar City, all of which I thanked with an awkward but sincere wave, I arrived safely and the Building of the Institute of Religion. Ready to see my pal and to pass out some cookies!...but alas. Class had been canceled because of some very unfortunate health problems with my teacher's father. After grieving and wishing the best for Brother Garner and his father, I was suddenly faced with the dilemma of what to do with three dozen pumpkin adorned sugar cookies. So as people arrived to go to class, i informed them of the misfortune....and that they could have a cookie if they wished! So Gabby and I passed out some cookies and made some friends...who wouldn't want to be friends with girls who made such cute cookies, i ask??
After the passing out of our cookies, with a free hour on our hands now, Gabby and I went for a delicious lunch at the ever loved Pastry Pub...where we encountered a man on rollerblades awkwardly feeding a woman he sat across from, a heavenly smelling man and an array of much more pleasant music than we normally find at this establishment.

The day progressed with some homework doing, some cookie eating, some cake ordering and some Enrichment Night attending. Lauren Jean made us a delicious dinner of Navajo tacos...mmmm.

Then, when Jessica returned from her Place of Business (Chinatown), the festivities really began!
We broke out the bubbly (cider, folks), the delicious "top secret recipe" cake Lauren made, and of course...Presents!!

Presents included:
Jewelery (approximately 987 pieces)
2 purses (both adorable)
2 DVD's (Iron Man and one called Slackers)
1 Fondue Pot
1 Fondue cookbook so I know what to do with the fondue pot
$$$...always appreciated
3 Tubular 80's Cd's
Lots of Cards!!

Thanks all for the birthday Love...Much appreciated.

Thanks Birthday Buddy for another great year!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Magic Poop Water...

Okay, I have been recently inspired to revamp the Blog part of my life. So, here goes. This is my new blog. It is sort of in the middle of the revamp so please abstain from judgment until it is complete!

This week has been a spectacular one! We started it all with a school holiday (for the opening of deer hunting know you live in Southern Utah when...). So as the men and women clad in camo head to toe ventured into the forests, the girls of Apartment 14 had different plans in mind. Lauren enjoyed a weekend in Northern Utah at home with the fam, Jessica crossed the country (all the way to Arizona) to cuddle with the niece and nephew, Abish slept until 2pm in the peaceful and quiet apartment, and Gabby and I ventured North for a weekend with her Grandparents, Aunt and two gallons of "Magic Water"...we'll get to the details of that later. So the weekend began.

The road to Delta, Utah is quite possibly, the most boring drive one can encounter in the continental United States. The two lane 65 mph speed limit highway is littered with views of open fields and the occasional hill, cow, or if you're lucky, a sheep or two. But, don't you fret, because the two towns you drive through on your way will surely get your blood a runnin' in excitement! First on the map we have Minersville Utah. Complete with two gas stations, a car dealership and about 35 people to wave at, it is the epitome of a quaint and somewhat awkward small town...If you thought you were excited in Minersville, just wait 'til you see that Welcome to Milford Sign...As you slow down to the required 25 mph, one encounters yet another small town gas station and a main street lined with precious houses with tiny porches all with Halloween flags billowing gently in the breeze. Just down one side street, one finds the 24/7 diner "Penny's" that may or may not have been visited by a number of Southern Utah University college girls in the middle of a boring spring night in April. Then, before you can blink twice, the towns are gone and all there is left to look for is the refinery on the right that tells you you are a mere twenty minutes from the Grandparents front step...

So the weekend continued with lots of home cooking, junkfood eating, movie watching and nail painting...which is where it starts to get good...Gabby demanded her 16 year old aunt to bring us the nail painting paraphernalia, and Annie did so just like a makeshift slave should. She brought the normal tools including polish, remover, files, etc. etc....But along with all of those, she also carried a gallon of clear liquid with the words "Beauty Splash" scribbled in permanent marker across the jug. Gabby and I looked at eachother grinning and wondering what could possibly come next. Annie unscrewed the lid and told us both to hold out hands out...after much protesting and insisting that we do this over a sink, Annie poured about 2 tablespoons of this liquid into our hands and told us "Rub your hands together!" And we did so tentatively. It felt like someone had pored water on my hands and I was rubbing them's as simple as that! But then....then the real miracle occurred...After a few minutes, my hands felt as soft as a baby's butt! No joke, folks! This beauty splash worked. So after Gabby and I compared soft and luscious hands, we concluded that maybe this Beauty Splash was something legit. THEN we were informed that this was just the beginning of the miracle! The Grandparents have purchased a state of the art Magic Water Machine! As explained by Grandma Brenay, this machine "makes the water more alkaline or more acidic"...make of that what you will. Apparently the machine makes both "Beauty Splash" water that is good for your skin, and "Magic Water" that is good for your body but comes with a Grandfatherly warning that it may "make ya poop!".

So we watched more movies, ate more junkfood drank more "Magic Water" and even made our way into town for a stop at Leo's , the local burger palace, and RC Staples, the department store with scary bathrooms. After hugs and refills on the Miracle Liquid, we made our way South, back home to greet our Froomies (Friends/Roomies) and to prepare our little selves for the Birthday Week of the century...more details surely to come later!