Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The morning broke and the sun rose today just like every other day in Cedar City. But today. Today would be different.

Now you have to know that the humble town of Cedar City is generally a quiet one. Every once in a while something extra exciting happens.

Like the time some clever ladies put "Ur Mom" in the stadium seats...

Or the time there was a 4.1 Magnitude Earthquake to start off the Spring Semester 2010...
Who knew Southern Utah was on a Fault Line?!...

There was also that little incident with the criminals last year...

But in general, nothing too exciting goes on in our sleepy little town....Until today.

A war has begun.

This morning I woke up feeling illin'. No surprise. One roommate with Mono, one with a mysterious illness that she insists is killing her, and a schedule full of classes where I sit in a room with a bunch of people who are sneezing and coughing like they were raised by wolves. COVER YOUR MOUTH. Please....

Anyways. So I woke and texted the roommate that I would not be joining her for our 8:30am journey to school. I was going to take my sweet time getting ready.

After my sweet time was taken, I logged onto good ol' Facebook to do some daily stalking. (Let's be honest, everyone is both guilty of and a victim of Facebook stalking.)

I notice that a friend of mine, Danielle, who lives in my apartment complex, had updated her status to:
"My apartment has been hot-dogged! I blame #41..."

Now it is obvious that this raised my eyebrows! I live in #41. I also know that I certainly didn't "Hot-Dog" anything.

It made me laugh.

Made me wish I had though of it first.

Confused me as to why I was suddenly the suspect.

Eh. The day must go on. So I commented on Danielle's status defending myself and stating that I presumed my roommates were also innocent. I logged off and continued on my way to school.

As I opened the front door, I was greeted with this:


And hilarious.

So the original victims of the "Hot-dogging" in apartment #28 had suspected the innocent and pure girls of #41 and decided to return the meat-sticks to us.

They are not our meat-sticks.

The day continued with an ongoing mystery of who the culprits were.

On my way home from school I found out.

So to the residents of Apartment #28 and #46...


The war has begun.

And #41 has heavy artillery.