Thursday, March 3, 2011

I will when I will...

Okay, the 30 day challenge thing didn't work either. I am giving up trying to find clever ways to make myself blog. It's like telling me I MUST pull the paper towel with both hands...I will only insist on pulling it with one because I was told to pull it with two. I am not telling myself to do anything from now on. Ever.

That being said, I do miss blogging. So I shall begin again straightaway.

I am going to go ahead and do the 30 day challenge in my own way. It might be more like a 30 year challenge, but I will get to it eventually.

I have a certain roommate/best friend who ALWAYS says "I will when I will" whenever told to do something. As much as that annoys me, I am taking the same stance in regards to my blog.

Here goes.

Challenge Day 4: A habit you wish you didn't have.

I. am a CREATURE of habit. I always have been. Probably always will be. My idea of living on the edge is ordering something different of the Thai restaurant menu...(The Panang Curry is delicious...WHY should I order something I am not positive is equally as tasty? It seems irrational!)

As roundabout as it seems, I would say that the habits I wish I didn't have habits.

I have some pretty strict routines, a solid set of favorites of just about every category, a tendency to hesitate at trying new things, and a habit of sticking to what I know.

I always thought it seemed smart and safe to find what you like and stick to it. That is why you call it a favorite, right?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for adventure! I have pulled some highly memorable pranks, moved to a city that I had never set eye on, and even taken more roadtrips than your average vagabond...but none of these happened without careful planning or mapquesting first.

See what I mean?

I am all for adventure. As long as it is planned and sure not to end in anything unexpected. Because no one likes surprises (well at least no one who authors this blog).

So here is to trying new things, going on some REAL adventures and refusing to become a stick in the mud. Because no one likes a stick in the mud. No really. No one does.


Natalie said...

I too am a creature of habit and it drives Joe nuts. He makes fun of my night time ritual telling me I take forever to go to bed. Hey, it helps relax me!!
Compeltely agree about the thai menu thing, why would I order anything else but pad thai when I already know, pad thai is the best thing on the menu?? In my opinion anyway. ;D Cute post. You go girl!

LeAnne said...

That's my girl.

When you were young some of your habits drove me crazy (remember the sock seams) but now they are so much a part of who you are that it would seem strange if you didn't have your trademark habits.

Nice to see you blogging again, I do miss your posts. Maybe soon I will start on mine again too.

Hey Jude! said...

I like this 30 day challenge idea...I am totally stealing it because I need a blogging motivation too.

You are awesome! Hope school's going okay and you're not going (too) crazy!